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Here we explain how we work with partner organisations and health providers to protect vulnerable children, young people and adults.

Comprehensive safeguarding strategy

Concerned about the safety of a child or adult?

We take safety and wellbeing very seriously.

If you have any concerns about the safety of a child or an adult, please click one of the following links to report concerns or to ask for advice.

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What we’re doing about safeguarding

Working with partner organisations and health providers to protect vulnerable children, young people and adults is a key priority for Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group.

We understand that some patients and members of the public may be unable to uphold their rights and protect themselves from harm or abuse. They may have greatest dependency on our services and yet be unable to hold services to account for the quality of care they receive. In such cases, we have particular responsibilities to ensure that those patients receive high quality care and that their rights are upheld, including their right to be safe.

We are working with our partners including local police, social care, education, care homes and other local statutory and voluntary organisations and with our GP practices and other health care organisations to strengthen arrangements for safeguarding adults and children in Leicester.

To deliver this, we have in place a comprehensive safeguarding strategy that has the following aims:

  • To commission services to ensure, first and foremost that children and adults at risk of abuse are safe;
  • To discharge statutory functions;
  • To encourage, embed and maintain the best safeguarding practice across Leicester;
  • To ensure continuous improvement and compliance with national and local policies;
  • To develop and implement systems for quality monitoring that are robust, auditable and effective;
  • To raise awareness about safeguarding;
  • To effectively contribute to multi-agency approaches such as the MAPPA and MARAC processes;
  • To ensure continued partnership working and contribution to the work of the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB)
  • To ensure partnership working and contribution to the work of the LSCB;
  • To work alongside neighbouring clinical commissioning groups to establish roles and responsibilities across the commissioning functions during a transitional period;
  • To ensure that all staff understand that safeguarding is everyone’s business;
  • To learn the lessons and good practice from serious case reviews, significant incident learning processes, local and national enquiries.

NHS England MCA Programme

The 2015/16 NHS England MCA Programme supported the development and maintenance of the website ‘My Adult- Still My Child’

Parents and carers from Rainbows Hospice Loughborough and Together for Short Lives ensured that the website was co-produced and inspired by those who have experienced decision making within health and welfare settings and felt unprepared or challenged without such guidance.

My Adult- Still My Child is a website aimed at those new to making Best Interest Decisions and especially those caring for a young person in transition to adult services. To this end it is a valuable resource for parents/carer and professionals.


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