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Freedom of information

Learn about the Freedom of Information Act and how to make requests for information not included in the publication scheme.

Freedom of informationThe Freedom of Information Act came in to force on 1st January 2005. The aim of this act is to encourage greater openness in the information held by public authorities. The NHS will disclose information under this act unless it falls under one of the exemptions.


  • Personal information about patients and staff
  • Commercially sensitive information
  • Information relating to criminal proceedings
  • A full list of these exemptions can be found at www.ico.gov.uk

How to make a request for information?

A request for information can be made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 by writing to

Corporate Affairs Team

NHS LLR Integrated Care Board (successor organisation for LLR CCGs)
Room G30, Pen Lloyd Building, County Hall
Tel: 0116 295 7572

or by emailing: llricb-llr.enquiries@nhs.net

It is important that requestors provide sufficient information about who they are and what they would like so that we can then provide the information requested. Requestors may be contacted for clarification if insufficient information is provided.

Will I have to pay?

Information obtained from the website is free of charge. However, there may be a charge for multiple copies of documents to cover the costs of retrieval, photocopying and postage.

There will be a charge if the request goes beyond the 18 hour rule for providing the information. We will write to you if your request will exceed the 18 hour rule before we provide the information that has been requested.

How long will it take to answer a request?

Requests will normally be dealt with within 20 days unless they exceed the 18 hour rule or if we seek clarification over what has been requested.

Why might a request be refused?

A request may be refused if:

  • The information is readily available through another source including the publication scheme or website;
  • The request is vexatious or repeated;
  • One or more of the exemptions apply.

If my request is refused, will I know why?

We will explain to you if your request has been refused. We will write to you and explain:

  • If we hold the information but are not able to disclose it;
  • Whether we are unable to confirm or deny whether we hold the information;
  • The exemption within the FOI Act that is being relied on, and the reason why the exemption applies to your request;
  • Why (where applicable) disclosure is not considered to be in the public interest.

If I am not happy with the response, what can I do?

If you are not happy with the response you receive, you can make a complaint to LC CCG. The details will be included in our response to your request.

Comments and Feedback

  • It is important that we meet the public’s requests for information about LC CCG, and we welcome any suggestions on how this could be improved. Should you have any comments, please contact the corporate governance officer at llricb-llr.enquiries@nhs.net

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