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Governance documents

Governance documents underpin the operation of the organisation.  They set out how the CCG will operate, decision making processes and the roles and responsibilities which enable the CCG to meet its statutory obligations.

Please click on each title below to read the documents in full.

Leicester City CCG Constitution   This includes:

  • Standing Orders
  • Scheme of Reservation and Delegation
  • Prime Financial Policies
  • The Nolan Principles
  • The Seven Key Principles of the NHS Constitution
  • Terms of reference for the following:
  1. Audit Committee
  2. Remuneration Committee
  3. Integrated Governance Committee
  4. Primary Care Commissioning Committee
  5. Senior Management Team
  6. Commissioning Collaborative Board
  7. Provider Performance Assurance Group
  8. Competition and Procurement Panel

Leicester City CCG Business Continuity Policy

Detailed Financial Policies

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