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Proposal to rename the Open Mind service

This survey is now closed

We asked

Open Mind provides psychological assessment and treatment for what are known as mild to moderate common mental health problems, which 1 in 4 of us will suffer with at some stage in our lives.

The service provides specialised skilled and accredited practitioners who are able to provide psychological therapies (talking therapies) for people experiencing common difficulties, including depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma and stress.

Some of the people that use the service told us that the name Open Mind did not explain clearly what it was about. The service (provided by Nottinghamshire Healthcare Foundation Trust) also runs the Leicestershire County and Nottinghamshire services and these are called ‘Let’s Talk Wellbeing…name of area’.

It was suggested that the name be changed to match these services, so in Leicester this would be called ‘Let’s Talk – Wellbeing…Leicester’

Changing the name would have a number of benefits including:

  1. Making clearer what the service is about – a talking therapies service.
  2. Causing less confusion by not having a different names for city and county services
  3. Allowing the provider to develop common marketing material across the city and county services, which could save us money.

Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for arranging the health services for the residents of Leicester, so we wanted to know what our patients thought before we made any changes.

We asked people to complete a short survey between the 13th March and 8th April 2018, to let us know what they thought before we made a decision.

You said

A total of 53 people completed the survey and all were completed online. The majority of respondents (29, 61.7%) stated they were interested in the service, 8 were patients of the Open Mind service and 7 said they were either a carer, friend or relative of a patient. A total of 3 replies came from providers of a mental health service. In the ‘other’ category, we received 9 responses. The majority in this category said they were former patients of the service.

We asked people to tell us whether we should keep the name of the service as it is (Open Mind) or if we should change the name to ‘Let’s Talk…Leicester’. We also asked for any other suggestions. Out of 43 responses to this question, the majority of patients (30, 69.77%) said they would like it to change to ‘Let’s Talk…Leicester’. Other suggestions given ranged widely; some wanted to see the new name a combination of the two suggested, such as Let’s Talk Wellbeing Open Mind but most liked the words ‘wellbeing’, ‘talk’ and ‘Leicester’. A suggestion was made to change it to ‘Let’s Talk Wellbeing Leicester City’.

The reason given for requesting the name stay the same was that a name change wouldn’t change the service so was therefore unnecessary. Some respondents said they liked the words ‘Open Mind’ because it “sounds more of a complete service”; and it was short and easy to remember.

Reasons for choosing ‘Let’s Talk…Leicester’ were mainly that it was clearer, that it is consistent with the other local services and more relevant.

We did

Based on the feedback from the survey, the provider agreed to change the name from Open Mind to: Let’s Talk Wellbeing Leicester City.

The provider is currently working on an action plan of how to communicate the change effectively.

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