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Tell us about your experience

Have you used a local health service recently? You can tell us about your experience here.

We want to ensure that the services we design are actually delivering what our patients need.

We would like to hear about positive and negative experiences of health care, what went well and what needs to improve. That could be about a service you received yourself, or it could be about someone you care for. Perhaps you can think of a different way of something being done, that might cut down on the number of hospital trips you need to make for tests and scans. Maybe you can flag up gaps in a service that we have not already thought of, or maybe you have found it difficult to access a particular service because it does not meet your specific needs.

As commissioners, we are in a position to make changes where necessary and to work with our providers to achieve improvements, so it is really important that we hear directly from patients and carers of all ages, so that we fully understand what it is like to be on the receiving end of our services.

You can complete one of our online surveys:

If you would prefer to provide feedback through a face to face meeting, or by completing a survey on paper, please call our Engagement and Experience Officer on 0116 295 1116 or email llrccgs.beinvolved@nhs.net

You can also contact us on social media: 

Care Opinion

An alternative way of making comments on our services is through Care Opinion. This is an independent, national website where you can share your experiences of any UK health or care service. Your story will be published on their website and passed on to the right people, with the aim of making a difference.

The latest stories about Leicester City health services are shown below. To share your experience, visit www.careopinion.org.uk

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