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You said we did

Here are some examples of what you have said, and what we did with what we heard.

You said: "I would like ideas on healthy recipes suitable for a diabetic diet".

We developed a recipe booklet called Your Healthy Kitchen for the South Asian diet, which is suitable for people with diabetes.







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You said: "We want more information on primary care services; who to see and where to go".

We held a workshop on primary care access, and shared information between attendees on what was available.

We produced a booklet called You and Your GP Practice, which explains how GP practices are changing.





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You said: We should be given more information on how to take care of ourselves to avoid unnecessary GP appointments.

We did: We developed the Leicester Good Health Guide booklet which went to all households in Leicester.







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You said: "Train local people to become cancer ambassadors, to help spread messages to communities".

We have developed a Cancer Champions scheme and have recruited members.

Click the image to watch our video about Cancer Champions.





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You said:  "GP practice staff need to be trained to understand the issues and barriers experienced by LGBTQ+ patients when accessing GP practices".

A series of training workshops are being held for both clinical and non-clinical staff to improve knowledge and understanding of LGBTQ+ identities, gain awareness and understanding of the issues affecting LGBT+ patients and how this impacts on their access to health care, understand the link between legislation and practice (Equality Act 2010 & Gender Recognition Act 2004); understand the importance of language.

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You can read more about what we have done with your feedback in these reports:

Patient and Public Involvement Annual Report

Every year we produce a Patient and Public Involvement annual report. This report accompanies the overall CCG’s annual report but it has a lot more detail on how we have involved people in our decision making. You can read the latest report here: PPI annual report 2018.19

Previous Patient and Public Involvement annual reports:

You can also read the latest CCG annual reports by clicking here.

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