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Patient Participation Groups – a young person’s view

“This is our world, where technology is advancing and we need to keep up.  Do we even know our civil rights? Do we know what a PPG is?

What are they? You may ask, but really, shouldn’t we all be aware? Posters and newsletters are always around in your local GP practice, but why don’t we ever pay attention to them? But then of course, we always complain about how our GP practices are lacking in something or the other. But we can make a difference. We’ve always had the chance to make a difference but it is now time that we should grasp this opportunity fully and help to improve our local GP practices. It may be that you want to decrease waiting time or have new doctors to treat everyone at once – which really are mostly unfeasible. But small changes can be made. How can this happen? It’s simple. Every GP practice is encouraged to set up a PPG – a Patient Participation Group. These groups are led by GP practices who engage with their patients to see what they feel can be done to help improve their practice.

In our current PPGs, the majority of the group members are the elderly and they are the ones helping higher boards to decide whether such decisions should be made. And us – the next generation are relying on them to make our GP practices better. As our world is modernising, it should be us who are making these decisions, contributing in meetings, participating and helping patients – who are part of our community – to get the best treatment our practices can give them and making them appreciate what lengths our GPs can go to, to ensure that their patients are happy and healthy.

You can help make this happen.

You may not want to be a physical part of a PPG but the amount you want to contribute to the group is your choice. We can finally get our say on what we think can be done to make improvements, and there’s nothing really more we can ask for.

Even if PPGs aren’t for you, then social media is on the rise and a little say from you can go a long way. Raising awareness to other people and educating them of the importance that they have, regarding changes that can be made, and letting them know that their input at the moment is the most valuable, as they are the ones that will be using the service and hence their contributions are the most requested.”

With big thanks to Kyra Mehra, who is 15 and attends City of Leicester College, and wrote this article for us while she was on work experience with Leicester City CCG in May 2018.

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