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Summary Care Record

Opting in to the Enhanced Summary Care Record system could save your life.

Health services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland have a system of sharing medical records between a GP practice and other NHS and social care organisations that provide care.

Unless you have specifically opted out, the system allows health and social care professionals to view limited information from your GP medical record, such as current medications, allergies, and bad reactions to medicines.  This system is called the Summary Care Record and enables you to receive better, quicker healthcare if it is needed when you’re away from your usual GP surgery – such as in an emergency, on holiday, when your normal surgery is closed, at hospital clinics or when visiting a pharmacy or be cared for my social care services.

Enhanced Summary Care Record

Patients are now being encouraged to share more information about their health and preferences to help doctors and nurses as well as social care professionals who treat them.

The new Enhanced Summary Care Record contains extra information, including details of illnesses and health problems, past operations and vaccinations, treatment preferences, information about the kind of support needed, and who should be contacted if more information is required.

The rate at which patients across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are consenting to have an ‘Enhanced Summary Care Record’ is increasing.

Dr Andy Ker, Clinical Vice-Chair at East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Doctors and nurses treating you in hospital do not routinely have access to your GP medical record. By consenting to an Enhanced Summary Care Record you are enabling this access so you can help them treat you quicker and more effectively. Completing the form will only take a couple of minutes but it could end up saving your life.”

Kim Marshal-Nichols, Chair of The Hedges Medical Centre Patient Participation Group, said: “As patients it is frustrating to have to repeat our stories every time we have an appointment. I think it’s a very good idea to consent to an Enhanced Summary Care Record.”

How to register

You can download the form online to provide consent for an Enhanced Summary Care Record.

Once you’ve filled it in, simply drop it in to reception at your  usual GP practice.

The information will be managed securely in line with the NHS Care Records Guarantee. The Record will only be accessed by doctors and nurses and social care professionals if consent is provided by you, unless you are unconscious or unable to communicate and they believe that accessing the record is in your best interest.

For more speak to your GP Practice.

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