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Planned care policies (Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland)

This page contains approved 'planned care' policies of the three clinical commissioning groups representing patients in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland: Leicester City CCG | West Leicestershire CCG | East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG

Planned care is the non-emergency treatment and operations that are carried out in hospital and in the community, with appointments arranged in advance.

This document library is relevant for patients in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland who have been referred for planned care. You can use the library to read about when and how non-emergency operations and treatments are carried out.

The documents, also known as policies, make sure patients receive the best treatment for their condition and are only referred for procedures or operations when it is likely to be effective.

Patient engagement was carried out in 2018 covering most of the policies on this page. The final approved policies that resulted from this work are in the process of being published on this page. Where a policy is not yet available, it will be added over the coming weeks.


  • New policies
  • Amended policies
  • Threshold policies (include a threshold or criteria that need to be met)
  • Not routinely funded (not normally funded – submit individual funding request for panel review). View the Individual Funding Requests Policy here.


Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

  • Ear wax removal Category: Threshold | New | Coming soon
  • Myringotomy with or without grommets – Children only Category: Threshold
  • Non-cosmetic nasal treatment Category: Threshold | New
  • Prominent Ears Category: Threshold
  • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy Category: Threshold | Coming soon
  • Vocal cord management Category: Threshold | New | Coming soon



  • Endoscopy for Dyspepsia Category: Threshold
  • Gastric fundoplication for chronic reflux oesophagitis Category: Threshold | New | Coming soon

General Surgery

  • Abdominal hernia in adults Category: Threshold | New
  • Cholecystectomy – Asymptomatic Category: Not routinely funded
  • Rectal bleeding Category: ThresholdComing soon

Gynaecology (See also Imaging and Gynaecology/Urology)

  • Mirena for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding Category: Threshold | Coming soon
  • Utero vaginal prolapse Category: Threshold | New | Coming soon
  • Vaginal pessaries Category: Threshold | New | Coming soon


  • Magnetic resonance guided focused ultrasound for uterine fibroids Category: Not routinely funded| NewComing soon


  • Mandibular/maxillary osteotomy Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Temporo – mandibular joint dysfunction Category: Threshold | NewComing soon


  • Botulinum toxin for chronic migraines in adults Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Restless legs syndrome Category: Threshold | NewComing soon


  • Cataracts Category: Threshold
  • Chalazion – excision of Category: Threshold | New
  • Intraocular lens implants Category: Threshold | New
  • Laser treatment for myopia Category: Not routinely funded| New
  • Ozurdex intravitreal implant Category: Not routinely funded| New
  • Scotopic sensitivity syndrome Category: Not routinely funded| New


  • Bunions Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome Category: Threshold
  • Dupuytren’s disease Category: Threshold
  • Ganglion (hand and wrist) Category: Threshold
  • Hip and knee replacement Category: Threshold | Amended policy | Coming soon
  • Hip arthropscopy Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Hip resurfacing Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Hybrid hip replacement and revision Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Hybrid knee replacement and revision Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Knee arthroscopy Category: Threshold | New
  • Knee resurfacing Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Low back pain (surgical intervention) Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Trigger finger Category: Threshold
  • Ultrasound (low intensity for bone healing) Category: Not routinely funded| NewComing soon


  • Botulinum toxin (the use of) Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Complementary and alternative therapies Category: Not routinely funded| NewComing soon
  • Second and third specialist opinion Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Surgical mesh Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Topical negative pressure for wound closure Category: Threshold | NewComing soon

Paediatric Surgery

  • Tongue ties (surgical division) Category: Threshold | NewComing soon


  • Epidural injections for patients with radicular pain Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Facet joint injection Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Medial branch block and therapeutic facet joint injections Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Thermal radiofrequency denervation Category: Threshold | NewComing soon



  • Fungal nail infection (Onychomycosis) Category: Threshold | NewComing soon


  • Sleep apnoea screening for obstruction sleep apnoea Category: Threshold |Coming soon

Urology (See also urology/gynaecology below)

  • Asymptomatic scrotal swelling (variocele) Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Circumcism (male) Category: Threshold | Amended policy
  • Erectile dysfunction (treatment of) Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms Category: Threshold | Coming soon
  • Phalloplasty Category: Not routinely funded |


  • Reversal of sterilisation (male and female) Category: Not routinely funded |
  • Sterilisation (male and female) Category: Threshold | New | Coming soon


  • Endo-vascular aneurysm repair Category: Threshold | NewComing soon
  • Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy for facial flushing/sweating Category: Not routinely funded| NewComing soon
  • Varicose vein surgery Category: Threshold
  • Venous angioplasty for MS Category: Not routinely funded| NewComing soon