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Help Us Help You – Flu this winter

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How your pharmacy can help you at the first signs of illness:

If you are pregnant, why you should have your flu jab:

Is your child 2 or 3? Protect them from the flu:

Do you have one or more long term health conditions? You need the flu jab!

Stay well this winter by practicing good hand hygiene – flu spreads fast!

Do you need urgent medical help – call NHS 111:


Flu Myths & Facts explained – poster

Flu season is fast approaching with the majority of cases seen in December and January. We can all play our part to help prevent the spread of flu by protecting ourselves, making sure others are protected by getting the flu jab or nasal spray in children and taking simple steps, such as good hand washing, to prevent the spread of flu this winter.

Flu is particularly dangerous in young children, pregnant women, older people and people with long term conditions such as diabetes or heart problems, who perhaps can’t fight the illness as well as someone who is otherwise healthy.

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