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Let’s Talk Wellbeing – Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland

Find out how local mental health services can help you with low mood, anxiety, sleep problems and stress

Welcome to Let’s Talk – Wellbeing, providing help for people with anxiety, depression and other similar difficulties. Let’s Talk – Wellbeing is available in many different places in the community.

If you are aged 16 or over and having difficulties such as feeling low, anxious or stressed and would like help from some short term talking therapy, you can discuss this with your GP who may arrange a referral to the Let’s Talk – Wellbeing service.

Alternatively you can refer yourself directly by completing the self referral form fully at the back of this leaflet, or you can securely and confidentially complete the self referral information online at
www.letstalkwellbeing.co.uk where you can also find further information about the service.
Once we receive your referral, we will review the information you have provided and contact you within 2 working days. On receipt of your referral we will offer you a phone assessment to assess whether the Let’s Talk – Wellbeing service is best suited to meet your needs. From here we will discuss and agree treatment options with you.

At the first appointment with your Let’s Talk – Wellbeing therapist, we will work with you to understand what the problem is and to agree the next steps.
Together, you and your therapist will plan a programme of support and self help activities that match your individual needs and have been shown to be effective and helpful.
The options may include a stress control course, group workshops, one to one appointments, self help books, leaflets or computer packages, and telephone support.

Together you will decide how long this support is required depending on your needs. If you decide a
course would be best to get you started, you could attend this within a few weeks. Other face to face options may take a little longer to arrange.

To find out more information, download the following helpful leaflets:

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