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Children: Breathing difficulties

Asthma often starts in childhood. It can normally be kept under control, but it’s  a serious condition that can cause a number of problems.

The main symptoms of asthma are:

  • wheezing (a whistling sound when breathing)
  • breathlessness
  • a tight chest, which may feel like a band is tightening around it
  • coughing

If your child is wheezing or struggling for breath, first use their blue inhaler. If this does not help, or if they do not have an inhaler, call NHS 111 for advice.

If your child has a preventer inhaler (usually brown or purple) make sure they use it regularly.

Inhalers work best if they are used with a spacer – this helps the medicine get right into the lungs.

If pollen makes them worse they can take anti-histamines too.


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