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Helping the people of Leicester to have long and healthy lives.

Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group

Healthy Cooking Tips

Learn about the healthy principles we have used in our recipes to help you adapt your own cooking.

Your Healthy Kitchen shows you how to cook great traditional food with all the flavour you know and love, but with a healthy twist.

So you can give your own traditional meals a healthy twist, we have put together these top tips to help you.

Jess’ Top Tips

  • Use healthy oils such as rapeseed oil or vegetable oil instead of ghee and other oils and fats. Swapping the ghee or other oils for rapeseed oil is a healthier option and it’s often cheaper than olive oil too.
  • Eating too much salt is bad for our health. Try cutting down the amount of salt you use at home. Try replacing it with lemon juice. With lots of fresh herbs, spices and lemon juice, you don’t need so much salt.
  • If you need to use flour in your cooking, choose wholemeal flour. Wholemeal is high in fibre, is great for your digestion and keeps you fuller for longer, so there is less temptation to snack!
  • Keeping the skin on your potatoes adds to the flavour, increases the fibre, and so keeps all the goodness in. It also saves you a lot of extra prep time, especially if you have a large family meal to prepare.
  • Mung beans, lentils, meats and fish are all good sources of protein which your bones, muscle, hair and skin need to stay healthy. You will still get the goodness you need in a smaller portion like the recipes we have developed for Your Healthy Kitchen.