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Caring for a poorly child – advice from local health experts in a public webinar

3rd December 2021 | By Liz McCann | Posted in

Parents and carers are invited to a free webinar next Thursday, where local child health experts will be giving advice and answering questions on what to do when your child has a fever.

The webinar “What is fever and what to do” is taking place online on Thursday December 9th 2021, from 4pm until 5pm and is open to everyone who would like to join. The session will be hosted by The Willows Medical Practice on behalf of the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Groups.

The panel members will be Dr Damian Roland, Head of the Children’s Emergency Department at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, and Dr Tariq Kapasi, Honorary Associate Professor of Primary Care.

Dr Hanna Robbins, GP and Clinical Lead for Children’s Health with the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Groups, said: “Last year, with social distancing there was a drop in common winter illnesses such as simple coughs and colds, which often present with fever. So parents of very young children are now dealing with this for the first time and it is frightening for them. We also think it’s likely that the pandemic created a new level of health anxiety and people have lost the confidence to self-manage minor illness because the symptoms that were previously associated with ‘minor illness’ suddenly had the potential be covid and life-threatening.

“It’s upsetting when your child is ill and it’s normal to worry, but you can often look after your child yourself when they have a fever. We want to give parents and carers knowledge and confidence to know what they can do at home, to recognise warning signs of more serious illness and to know when, how and where to get professional help.

Dr Damian Roland said: “We are seeing large numbers of children in the Emergency Department who actually do not need to be there. While there are many patients who require medical review and admission to hospital, there are also many, rightly anxious, parents who are concerned about specific symptoms such as fever or diarrhoea. Many of these children could be cared for quite easily at home, which is familiar and comfortable for them. This webinar aims to help parents and carers make safe and sensible decisions about their children.”

The webinar will cover questions including what causes a fever, how to recognise high temperature, how to bring a fever down, when to give medicine and when and where to contact for advice. Participants will also be able to ask questions of the panel members.

Anyone who would like to join the webinar should first register online at: https://bit.ly/ChildhoodIlnessWebinarReg. They will receive a confirmation email with a link which will enable them to join the webinar at 4pm on Thursday.

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