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City Reablement Service highly rated in the country for patient care

18th March 2019 | By Liz Mattock | Posted in

A service which aims to help patients being discharged from hospital or those living at home to regain their ability, skills and confidence to continue living at home has been highly rated for its positive outcomes, following a national audit.

The Reablement Service is at the heart of health and social care across Leicester City.

In 2018 the service supported 1726 individuals for a period of short-term support. A total of 61% were able to live independently at home without any further support whilst working in partnership with community health services. For those who continued to need ongoing care their care needs were maintained or reduced even further whilst still being able to live at home.

The Reablement Service supports individuals over 75 years of age with various needs due to an accident, illness or simply growing older who struggle with daily activities at home and therefore require urgent support to help continue living at home safely. The level of support is tailored to support individual needs and joined up with other key health professionals which includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses.

Support may include introducing a community nurse into the home once a week to help with organising medication into pill boxes or providing travel to social activities.

The National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC) which is supported by NHS England found that the average waiting time for the service to start is one day compared to the national average which is 5.3 days making it much more responsive. But one of the most significant findings was that the service supports individuals with a higher level of need compared to other parts of the country but despite that it goes on to achieve the best outcomes nationally for those patients who require support.

The audit also found that the cost per individual receiving support from the service is about £1,540 compared to the national average of £1,937 per person. This demonstrates that the service is not only providing great outcomes for local patients, but the service is also cost effective when compared to national figures.

The service is supported by funding from the Better Care Fund and Better Care Together programme made up of health and social care services across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland working together to improve outcomes for patients, and to deliver care more efficiently.

Jagjit Singh Bains, Head of Service for the Reablement Service, said: “We all want to continue living at home for as long as possible and as independently as possible. The service aims to give you back the skills and confidence to do everyday tasks and activities by working in partnership with our health partners. In addition to this staff also use pieces of equipment and technology which also encourages independent living. We started in September 2009 as a small service open to a single hospital, and it gradually grew into a service that is now at the heart of health and social care within Leicester.”

Mrs Mary Farmer, 93 from Abbey Lane, Leicester was referred to the Reablement Service from the Integrated Crisis Response Service (ICRS) following a fall. Previously Mary was independent with all aspects of care. She led an active social life, monitored her medication independently and was confident using public transport. Therefore the joint decision was made between, Mary, her family, her GP and the service that a stay in hospital would be unsuitable and support from the Reablement Service at home would be more appropriate to help her regain her independence.

Her nephew, Mr Bill Hinds, said: “We were sometimes present during the calls and I was hugely impressed by the approach of the staff. They were friendly and cheerful whilst always being careful to check things out with Auntie.

“After six weeks, Auntie is almost as independent as she was before the fall. She now has the support of a walking trolley and still makes her trip every week to the Salvation Army where she gets to socialise with friends.”

At the end of their period of reablement individuals are asked to leave feedback about their experience with the majority feeling that they always had confidence and trust in the staff supporting them and were always treated with dignity and respect. This is also reflected in the number of letters of praise and cards that are received by the service each month alongside the awards it has received both locally and nationally over the years.

Councillor Dempster, from Leicester City Council, said: “I have seen first-hand how the Reablement staff, really do go the extra mile, helping people with their independence and to live safely in their own home. We are delighted to see their great work reflected so clearly in a national audit”

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