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First Drop-in vaccination clinic at Leicester City mosque hailed a success

26th March 2021 | By Liz McCann | Posted in

Health bosses in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) are thanking local residents and community leaders who have helped to organise and support the pop-up Covid-19 vaccination clinic that was held at the Al Furqan mosque and community centre in St Matthews, Leicester on Thursday 25 March 2021.

Patients and local residents of the St Matthews area of the city were encouraged to attend the drop-in vaccination clinic if they were eligible and particularly if they had any reservations about the vaccine and were yet to be vaccinated. In total over 537 patients received their first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine during the 12 hour clinic.

Farhiyo Ashkir Abdi, Founder and Head of Women4Change in Leicester, said: “The drop-in vaccination clinic has been a hugely successful community effort. We have worked closely with the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Groups (LLR CCGs), the local Primary Care Network (PCN) and the Somali Healthcare Professionals Leicester to bring vaccines to an area of the city where hesitancy was high.

“Hosting the drop-in clinic in a local mosque, where all the vaccinators spoke Somali meant that patients were able to ask the questions that really mattered to them and to receive information in an accessible way. This has meant that patients were able to get the assurance they needed to make an informed decision about having the vaccine and has ultimately led them to being vaccinated. I am so thankful to everyone involved and I hope we will be able to host more drop-in clinics in other areas of LLR very soon.”

Patients arriving at the drop-in clinic were checked for Coronavirus symptoms before being asked to sterilise their hands and make their way into the vaccination area. The clinic was well attended by all members of the local community and by a range of age groups within the eligible cohorts.

Dr Samira Hassan, a GP in Leicester and Lead Clinician at Somali Healthcare Professionals Leicester, said: “I am thrilled to have seen so many members of the local community who have embraced the opportunity to come and get vaccinated and to the many volunteers that have made the clinic possible. Drop-in clinics such as these are vitally important in order to really engage with local communities and to enable ease of access to the vaccine, particularly where we continue to have risk factors which lead to higher rates of Covid.”

Further drop-in vaccination clinics are being considered by the CCGs, PCNs and community leaders in areas where vaccine take up rates are low. For further information about Covid vaccinations and to find out how to book your vaccine visit: https://www.leicestercityccg.nhs.uk/my-health/coronavirus-advice/coronavirus-vaccine/

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