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Intensive care decision made

18th October 2018 | By Melanie Shilton | Posted in

At the Collaborative Commissioning Board today the three CCGs have confirmed that they remain committed to supporting University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust’s (UHL) plan for consolidating level 3 intensive care services in line with the formal decisions already made by each of the CCG Governing Bodies in November 2017 and July 2018. Specifically, this includes approving the outline business case in November 2017 and approving the full business case in July 2018.

The Board also restated their commitment to greater involvement of patients, the public and stakeholders in discussion of future proposed changes – particularly those that are likely to result in significant changes to the way in which services are delivered.

In their discussion the Board felt that the case for moving intensive care from the Leicester General site relates to the ability of the services to run safely when there are significant and ongoing operational difficulties including staff recruitment and retention issues and concerns over the cramped layout and appropriate facilities for patient care.

It therefore agreed that in the interests of ensuring continued safe services for patients while significant capital funding is available, that the work to deliver the move of intensive care services from the General Hospital site should proceed.

However, in recognition of the concerns raised by members of Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the public, the Board supported the plans to use the Better Care Together engagement events in late October and November to engage in a broader discussion with patients and the public on the intensive care proposals before contracts with the preferred provider are concluded.

The events will provide the opportunity to discuss the implementation of the plans, explain to the public the clinical need and urgency and to listen to and address any concerns or suggestions the public may have.

The planned changes increase intensive care capacity and have been designed in a way that does not make further future changes to other services at the General Hospital site inevitable. There will be a full and formal public consultation on these wider changes before any decision on the future of the General Hospital site and its services are determined.

National NHS planning guidance means we cannot begin formal public consultation on these wider proposals until we have confirmation of the capital funding needed. However, in delivering on our commitment for greater public involvement, we are undertaking a full engagement programme to share more widely the plans for acute hospital reconfiguration, maternity services and some aspects of community services. People will have the opportunity to speak to us at these events about the plans for intensive care services and why we need to proceed.

Invitations and information about the Better Care Together events have been circulated. Details can also be found here: http://www.bettercareleicesthttp://www.bettercareleicester.nhs.uk/getinvolved/come-and-join-our-events-in-october-and-november/er.nhs.uk/getinvolved/come-and-join-our-events-in-october-and-november/ or by calling the Better Care Together team on 0116 295 4104.

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