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Leicester city’s health managers win national award for bringing staff closer to Leicester’s communities

30th November 2015 | By Liz Mattock | Posted in

corpcommsLeicester City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has won a national award for an event that gave its staff a greater understanding of the communities that they serve.

The CCG, which plans and commissions most of the health services for people living in Leicester, beat competition in the CorpComms Awards from such heavyweights as Tesco, Primark and Lloyds Banking Group to win in the category ‘Best Live Event – Internal’.

The award was made for the CCG’s one day staff development event “Walk In My Shoes”, which set out to increase the local and cultural knowledge of staff in order to improve the quality and understanding of commissioners.

Leicester City CCG’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Richard Morris, said: “CorpComms is a communications industry leader for best practice in marketing and communications, so we are hugely proud to have won this award.

“The aim of the event was all about helping to improve our people’s knowledge of Leicester and what makes it the city that it is. It also aimed to demonstrate patient experience, so that our staff could really get a feel for what life is like for the communities for whom we commission health services. The better our understanding of our patients, the more effectively we can design and deliver health services that meet their needs.

“The event achieved a great deal for a very modest budget of less than £5,000, with colleagues reporting that, as a result, they better understood and empathised with patients and the barriers they face.”

The event included a presentation from University of Leicester historian Colin Hyde, which provided a context to the diversity in the city and the need for reflective commissioned health services which meets the needs of the population. Staff undertook a creative activity to gather and present information to their colleagues about the characteristics of different areas of the city and they also received a presentation on the health profiles across the city from Director of Public Health Ivan Browne.

There were also testimonies from a diverse range of patients and carers sharing the challenges they have experienced in accessing health services. Participants then had the chance to “walk in the shoes” of others, using a range of approaches so that they could directly experience visual or hearing impairment, language barriers and the physical sensations of being older or clinically obese.

 The CorpComms Awards judges said that they found the ‘Walk in My Shoes’ event to be ‘highly effective…It was immersive and engaging, with a smart use of proper storytelling.’


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